Writers (and readers)

Recently, I started to follow a guy who writes on WordPress. His name is Cristian Mihai. I really like the way he writes, because he´s very easy and simple writer. He says things about the day-by-day life, things you and I know and things we manage in our current life. And I´m trying to be this kind of writer: a normal one. We can´t take apart Science,  Economy, policy parties, etc. But, we neither must take apart simple life. Think about it.

It gets better when we say whatever we need to say, without hurt anybody, of course. And it seem to be things we´ve got inside they come to be those what can become the world a little bit better. Do you know why? It´s simple: inside us, in the bottom of our heart and mind,  there are the most beauty wishes and hope and we must let them out as much as it can be.

Let´s do that. Let´s write and say our words easy, meanwhile they do not revile anybody.


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