English: The target

Another way to….learn, practice and increase language skills

I´m becoming a frequent writer because I´ve found this is another way to learn. I have an idea and talk about it. It´s a nice way to express my opinion about things I´m thinking about. Last night I saw how a pub is managing a good idea: “language tables” (this is the name I give to that, that is not its official name). People from many nationalities get into the pub, look for a table with a placard: “spanish-english”, “italian-japanese”, “french-german”, take a beer and start talking……. do you know what I mean? Is fantastic ! Real good. People feel as at home, they release, get free and stay on a real loose talking, learning, practicing….. Very good.

That must be the trend. Whether you are either an advanced or a beginner english learner, that is your place to be ! I´d like to encourage people to go to that kind of places.

Take a little brief: take a look.


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