English talkings: topics, issues, appointments.

English talkings: topics, issues, appointments

As an english student, as far as I´m concerned, the most difficult area we find as we´re studing english is the conversation. Perhaps we can write, read or say things with a certain lightness. There are many words we know and it can be easy take them in a statement as we understand they must be said or written. But, what do we do when is another one who say something to us? Do we really understand what we´ve been said? It´s very important to get used to listen to others, to share points of view about other things that don´t represent only our needs or interests.  The normal trend is we´re used to understand our things and interests but not what is inside other ones. 

We need to leave the fear away. Let´s act naturally. People is really aware of we are trying to do the best. Step by step.

In order to get used to that soon, we might be wanting to look for an easy topic, for instance, sport: the football. Join people you know that they like sport and start a conversation. You can start by asking: “Who won the match last night?”, or: “when is the next match?”, for instance. You will see how someone get rise his hand so as to answer. Or you can try with an issue, an important fact at the moment: economy, an accident, etc.

Make it normal. It is normal. Go on. Just try.

Take a look on this link. Just a little brief.

See you next time



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