English talkings

English talkings

Whether you are at home or taking a little walk along the park or bay, you must be thinking in english. Place yourself in an unreal situation: for instance, you are in a pub and here comes the time you must have a pill urgently because an illness. What will you do: call the waiter so as to tell him to bring a glass of water to you or will you stand up and look it for?

Many times, we are playing roles without mind on that. We always remain situations without thinking about it. Why do not we do it into english too? We must get used to that. Right away !

Think about it. Old teaching english methods don´t  take you to think into english. Just remember words but not situations. Look at this. Here I am thinking and writing as normal as it can be. As far as I´m concerned, it would be a very good way to do. Try talking about you and your close life: appointments, purchasing lists, your car, things you or your friends want or need. Not as a duty, but as a custom. Take steps on, day by day, time after time. You will realize changes after a while.


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