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Recently, I started to follow a guy who writes on WordPress. His name is Cristian Mihai. I really like the way he writes, because he´s very easy and simple writer. He says things about the day-by-day life, things you and I know and things we manage in our current life. And I´m trying to be this kind of writer: a normal one. We can´t take apart Science,  Economy, policy parties, etc. But, we neither must take apart simple life. Think about it.

It gets better when we say whatever we need to say, without hurt anybody, of course. And it seem to be things we´ve got inside they come to be those what can become the world a little bit better. Do you know why? It´s simple: inside us, in the bottom of our heart and mind,  there are the most beauty wishes and hope and we must let them out as much as it can be.

Let´s do that. Let´s write and say our words easy, meanwhile they do not revile anybody.


English: The target

Another way to….learn, practice and increase language skills

I´m becoming a frequent writer because I´ve found this is another way to learn. I have an idea and talk about it. It´s a nice way to express my opinion about things I´m thinking about. Last night I saw how a pub is managing a good idea: “language tables” (this is the name I give to that, that is not its official name). People from many nationalities get into the pub, look for a table with a placard: “spanish-english”, “italian-japanese”, “french-german”, take a beer and start talking……. do you know what I mean? Is fantastic ! Real good. People feel as at home, they release, get free and stay on a real loose talking, learning, practicing….. Very good.

That must be the trend. Whether you are either an advanced or a beginner english learner, that is your place to be ! I´d like to encourage people to go to that kind of places.

Take a little brief: take a look.

English talkings: topics, issues, appointments.

English talkings: topics, issues, appointments

As an english student, as far as I´m concerned, the most difficult area we find as we´re studing english is the conversation. Perhaps we can write, read or say things with a certain lightness. There are many words we know and it can be easy take them in a statement as we understand they must be said or written. But, what do we do when is another one who say something to us? Do we really understand what we´ve been said? It´s very important to get used to listen to others, to share points of view about other things that don´t represent only our needs or interests.  The normal trend is we´re used to understand our things and interests but not what is inside other ones. 

We need to leave the fear away. Let´s act naturally. People is really aware of we are trying to do the best. Step by step.

In order to get used to that soon, we might be wanting to look for an easy topic, for instance, sport: the football. Join people you know that they like sport and start a conversation. You can start by asking: “Who won the match last night?”, or: “when is the next match?”, for instance. You will see how someone get rise his hand so as to answer. Or you can try with an issue, an important fact at the moment: economy, an accident, etc.

Make it normal. It is normal. Go on. Just try.

Take a look on this link. Just a little brief.

See you next time

English talkings

English talkings

Whether you are at home or taking a little walk along the park or bay, you must be thinking in english. Place yourself in an unreal situation: for instance, you are in a pub and here comes the time you must have a pill urgently because an illness. What will you do: call the waiter so as to tell him to bring a glass of water to you or will you stand up and look it for?

Many times, we are playing roles without mind on that. We always remain situations without thinking about it. Why do not we do it into english too? We must get used to that. Right away !

Think about it. Old teaching english methods don´t  take you to think into english. Just remember words but not situations. Look at this. Here I am thinking and writing as normal as it can be. As far as I´m concerned, it would be a very good way to do. Try talking about you and your close life: appointments, purchasing lists, your car, things you or your friends want or need. Not as a duty, but as a custom. Take steps on, day by day, time after time. You will realize changes after a while.

El inglés: Importancia del idioma desde siempre

El método de enseñar inglés

El inglés, como idioma, debe ser enseñado no como una asignatura que se debe aprobar para obtener un título. El inglés es un idioma y como tal,  se debe enseñar con naturalidad, con familiaridad y como un hecho común. No debe ser enseñado como las matemáticas o la química: con fórmulas y obligaciones.

Lo más importante es saber que se trata de una conducta humana, algo intrínseco al ser humano, un instrumento de comunicación.

Nadie nos enseña a caminar utilizando un libro o un manual. Aún así, aprendemos a caminar porque tenemos dos piernas, pies, músculos, etc., es decir, tenemos los elementos necesarios para “aprender” a caminar. Igualmente sucede con el inglés y, por extensión, con todos los idiomas y demás cosas que debemos aprender.

Me parece que el método que se utiliza para su enseñanza es erróneo: ejercicios, exámenes, evaluaciones, notas….

A los niños se les debe colocar en un entorno natural, familiar, donde se hable el inglés, se den las instrucciones en inglés, se pidan cosas en inglés, etc….. Aún a las personas mayores, también. Es cierto que se deben hacer ejercicios, practicar lectura, ortografía, gramática. Lo que está errado es que se presente el inglés como una asignatura de colegio. No lo es. Es un código de comunicación, función natural del ser humano.

Es importante cambiar el método de enseñanza. Hacer del inglés algo natural, de todos los días.

Según esta web, existen diversos métodos de enseñar el idioma:

Y se ahonda en el tema:

En mi opinión, hay que reconsiderar este tema, re-pensarlo mejor y re-estructurarlo totalmente.